Community Dock River Restoration Project


Over the last 13 years I,  John Mandala, Exec. Dir. (Breathing Space Florida) have watched progress on the Indian River Lagoon Restoration project with dismay. I have paid particular attention to our section of the lagoon and I have yet to see one article that claims the river is getting better, or new approaches are being considered. I would therefore like to propose a type of approach regarding how we look at the river.

I support the Brevard County Commissioners as being correct in rejecting a plan to use 245 million dollars for dredging this year. There are alternative possibilities and methods to be assessed. We will never dredge the Indian River Lagoon to health, we need to look at how others have achieved good results.

I believe we must live in the river to understand the internal education it is trying to show us. We must learn why the grass will not root to the bottom and thrive.

We know the answers to some of these questions and also alternative fixes, and also our ability to share with others what the river is all about. I believe if we begin to give tours of the river, we could raise people‘s awareness. In addition, access to this very small estuary area on the north side is a continuing barometer concerning the Lagoon at large. I believe it is essential that we lead and maintain a green finger print. As stewards of the river we have an important responsibility.

I have spoken with many of the local people and businesses directly affected by the proposed dock restoration project. They have agreed how important the lagoon truly is and that they have voiced their support of such a project.

I believe as we move forward we must have a meeting of the minds of all those involved directly from the Turner  stipulation of maintaining the dock area as envisioned in the Turner estate stipulation to Brevard County that river access and use of the dock will be available in perpetuity as long as the access area is maintained in the future. Breathing Space Florida is willing and committed to help  maintain the dock area once rebuilt. This will allow us , when completed to use experimental oxygen molecules to allow the grasses to grow and change the balance in the lower areas of the lagoons floor. An experimental solar powered 02 generator is on the table in drawings and with support. This would further allow this to be an educational endeavor by Breathing Space Florida, an organization supported by Friends (Quakers)

 This is truly a work in progress. Young people who are seniors and already taking college classes would be able to intern in many different ways. Environmental, Entrepunrial, landscape, commuter, civil, etc., are just a few areas to earn credit.

Project goal

To restore the dock and launch area  located on the East side of US 1 and in the auspices of Brevard County as is deeded an easement in perpetuity, therefore allowing Community participation the necessary rebuilding permits for the Dock area as we continually struggle against mother nature and  minimize the impact of  hurricanes. The restoration project will eventually allow Kayaks, Canoe’s and other  clean powered  craft access to a very special part of this magnificent estuary. This will allow for area educational tours, community work credits,  and youth awareness of violence through  the Alternative to Violence Project. (AVP), a nationally recognized organization with chapters in most states .


Documents for all concerned parties to respond if so desired,  the local businesses in that area will have access, residents and business entities have been contacted. Local banks and staff support the project at this early stage is promising with verbal commitments.  A mission statement will be produced once all parties are on board.

Materials have been promised. Accounting is being set up. Investments and donations are now being used accordingly. Breathing Space is willing to be  the liaison between all the different participants. Once the Dock and vessel storage area has been repaired, a community lunch will be planned.


All of the local people directly on US 1 that have an interest have agreed to the importance and support of this project. The 50 foot easement lays at the following coordinates and is identified in Brevard County Plat Book 1 Page 41

The south side of the Easement runs along  and perpendicular to US 1 and the Indian River Lagoon Coast line and as such that boundary line runs from East to West adjacent thereto. The South border  property running East and West is owned by Health First. On the North side of the easement a private home shares the North  –  East and West boundary. The property owner is in favor of the rebuilding project.. At this time we are planning to contact Health First, who fully support a healthy lagoon as the West/East outfall runs directly under the building on the adjacent area of US 1.

The north side of the Easement runs along  and perpendicular to US 1 and the Indian River Lagoon Coast line and as such that boundary line runs from East to West adjacent thereto. The North border  property running East and West is  privately owned.  At this time we have reached out to these parties who fully support a healthy lagoon.

More importantly, runoff canals which emanate from the interior of the peninsula  pass beneath the Health First  Building under US1 and less than 150 feet from the  Dock. This is a perfect place to be able to conduct and test water flowing from developments to determine and restore the Indian River Lagoon as the actual detrimental aspects  can be analyzed  in a very unique way. Health First could be a huge addition to this project. Both in paving the way to help improve our environment and also as a way to help the health of people with safe  river water. This  is an important project but a drop in the bucket compared to a state plan that should exist concerning our water,  which hopefully will become a reality .

Beginning this spring we hope work will begin to clear the area of debris and the grass.  Please feel free to contact John at the number below with any questions regarding these matters.

In the Light I remain,

Thank you

John Mandala, Master of Professional Studies

(321) 537- 1061

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