Community Dock River Restoration Project


Over the last 13 years I,  John Mandala, Exec. Dir. (Breathing Space Florida) have watched progress on the Indian River Lagoon Restoration project with dismay. I have paid particular attention to our section of the lagoon and I have yet to see one article that claims the river is getting better, or new approaches are being considered. I would therefore like to propose a type of approach regarding how we look at the river.

I support the Brevard County Commissioners as being correct in rejecting a plan to use 245 million dollars for dredging this year. There are alternative possibilities and methods to be assessed. We will never dredge the Indian River Lagoon to health, we need to look at how others have achieved good results.

I believe we must live in the river to understand the internal education it is trying to show us. We must learn why the grass will not root to the bottom and thrive.

We know the answers to some of these questions and also alternative fixes, and also our ability to share with others what the river is all about. I believe if we begin to give tours of the river, we could raise people‘s awareness. In addition, access to this very small estuary area on the north side is a continuing barometer concerning the Lagoon at large. I believe it is essential that we lead and maintain a green finger print. As stewards of the river we have an important responsibility.

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